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city homes
I have gotten Table Ranners and promotinal pens print and i can attest that these people are Proffessional, reliable and can handle printing in bulk thank you team Wave Branding 🙂
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Digital Marketing Podcast
I cannot express enough how wonderful it was to work with Waves Branding Team! I called them for a last minute job to customize 8 hoodies, and they seamlessly fulfilled my request and had them ready the next day. They were so attentive to detail and readily accessible by phone and email at any hour, not to mention super friendly and kind. They did an incredible job with the custom hoodies, and I will be using them for all future customization needs without a doubt! Thank you so much for the amazing Job!
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Catherine Munyoki
My team had a tent at global green summit at Westlands Sarit Mall and we noticed we needed a backdrop banner stand in the last minute, fortunately i came across Waves Branding and their team designed us a backdrop banner and printed it under 36 hours. The event was successful and i personally recommend if you are looking for backdrop banner printing services or any other printing solutions in Nairobi these are the only partners you need. Thank you Dennis and your team
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Bristol Park Hospital
I used waves branding for promotional products printing for our hospital, mostly printing giveaways like t-shirts and aprons and i've got to say that these people deliver on time and guided me through the whole branding aspect and getting high quality materials. it is one of the best printing shops in town.
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Dennis TechSolutions
I was searching for printing service provider in Westlands Nairobi then i found a company which name was "Waves Branding" and due to their fast response online when i was requesting for a quote I decided to assign all my T-shirts printing to them and now am feeling pleased to inform you guys that company is so professional and skilled to fulfill all printing orders no matter how bulky they are. Thank you Waves Branding for great printing solutions
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Turing Web Solutions
We use Waves Branding for our professional art posters because they deliver consistent excellent quality. Because we make posters for people to frame and hang on their walls, we can not accept a single mistake in the print and that is why we work with Waves Branding team. They're fast, reliable and provide very high quality.
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informed Systems Limited
If you want something branded the place to be is at Waves Branding. They offer all branding services including T-shirt printing. Their digital printers are on point with very sharp and high quality images. Service is okay but you can bet you'll be satisfied. Waves Branding Limited is the place to be.
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barn update
I used Waves Branding for the second time. I worked with Dennis, him and his team created a logo, printed my teams hoodies and t-shirts and business cards for my business, they were so professional, and the quality of services was very good. I'm really happy about the results and I highly recommend this company.
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minitech technologies
I did my printing with these guys for promotional umbrellas and t-shirts and their services are 100 % the best and the quality is the best.... am so happy with their services and their good management especially their chief Operating Officer Mr. Ngunjiri,,, this is the best place to do your printing and branding

We enable businesses like your to market themselves professionally without breaking the bank

Printing & Branding Services in Nairobi

Lasting Impressions

We offer customized marketing materials and printed products for business or personal use to fit any budget, style and occasion.

Cutting-edge Technologies

We have invested in cutting edge Printing and Branding technologies allowing us to maximize efficiency and consistently deliver quality.

Branding Services in Kenya

Do you have a vehicle or uniform that needs to be branded or a business premise you need to attract more customers through high-quality advertising and appealing signage? You have come to the right place!

Trusted by Top Companies in Kenya with Their Branding Needs

Whether you are an already established brand or just starting out you can enjoy our branding and printing services customized to your needs. Below are top brands who trust us with their branding needs.

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Kenyaairways - Printing Company In Nairobi
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Get in touch with the top printing company in Nairobi for all your printing and branding solutions

High-quality Printing Services in Nairobi that will not break the bank are every business person’s dream partner. Access a creative team that is ready to bring your ideas to life. Whether you are looking to promote your business through large-format printing, banners, business cards, or merchandise printing we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions on Printing Services in Nairobi

About T-Shirts Heat-Press / Screen Printing

The newest printing technologies have made it simple to print on fabric. The majority of these technologies are in use in Kenya, our beloved nation. Because of this, we approach printing T-shirts or custom shirts differently based on your needs. utilizing contemporary printing techniques like: screen printing (Sing ink paste)

Heat-pressing is the process of imprinting a design or graphic on fabric using heat and pressure.


First, we print your T-shirt, Hoodie, or custom Shirts using one of the three processes mentioned above. These goods are made of materials of the highest calibre. The type of clothing and the manner utilized to brand your goods have an impact on the pricing. For example, Polo T-shirts typically cost more than similar items. T-shirts with round necks on the other the process used to imprint your clothing; Embroidery typically costs more than Screen Printing.

  1. School attire
  2. Sweaters with hoods
  • Polo T-shirts
  1. Personalize shirts
  2. V-Neck T-Shirts
  3. T-Shirts with round necks

Second, Waves Branding is the ideal printing company if you need cloth branding done.

Get these products and services for less money. Save time and money.

Printing Services for Notepads, Mugs, and Umbrellas in Nairobi

Give your company or brand the opulent appearance it deserves. We’re here to support you in doing that. providing branding solutions with all kinds of promotional products in different company sectors, including safari in Kenya.

If you’re looking for a Kenyan firm that prints promotional products. You are in the proper location.

In other words, Waves Branding offers you everything you need under one roof. expertly crafted and delivered to you.

Some common promotional printing products we offer in Waves Branding include:

  1. Lanyards
  2. Corporate gifts
  3. Mouse pads printing
  4. Safety Gear (Reflective Jackets, Helmets
  5. Notebooks
  6. Diaries
  7. Mugs and drink-wares
  8. Caps
  9. ID tags
  10. Bags
  11. Flash Drives
  12. Pens
  13. Students IDs
  14. Jerseys

Printing Services for Banners in Nairobi | Online Banner Printing in Kenya

Display The majority of companies and people use banners and signage as the greatest tools for branding. They make it easier for them to sell their goods or services.

You can count on Waves Branding to assist you with printing these branding items.

They also include satin and flag fabrics, vinyl banners, vinyl stickers, honeycomb reflective banners and stickers, clear stickers, and vinyl stickers.

Quickly and easily at a reasonable price. Think about the high quality you’ll receive.

Additionally, if you think about adding a light box that will draw attention at night. For such, we have backlit materials of the highest quality and reflective honeycomb banners.

Banner Prerequisites

All you need to know is the banners’ or stickers’ height and breadth, both in meters.

Your business and brand will benefit greatly from appealing banners that are well-designed and printed on superior canvas. When it comes to conveying a clear message to potential customers.

Additionally, it makes your storefront easier to recognize. superior to the competition. We allow you to frame and mount these display banners wherever is most convenient for you.

Nevertheless, plans can be produced to assist you with mounting for an additional fee.

You realise you need a banner? Pick a product from our banners and stickers category, provide your order details, and dimensions. We print and deliver free of charge right to your door, saving you both time and money.

Display Printing for Trade Shows and Outdoor Banners

Teardrop banners, Roll up banners, and backdrop banners printing in Kenya for both indoor and outdoor activities at trade exhibitions and gatherings. We offer printing and branding solutions for companies or individuals organizing this kind of event. With a selection of display items created specifically to aid the organizers in effectively selling their advertising space.

The amount, size, and materials utilized to create the afore mentioned goods also have an impact on their cost. You should opt for a branding and advertising business if you are planning an event. We will give you printed materials for your event presentation.

With Waves Branding’s print-on-demand services, you can place an order and have your products delivered to your place of business at a reasonable price.

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Printing Services in Nairobi Kenya Prices & Delivery

If you’re looking for the cost of printing a backdrop banner, tear drop banner, or a book, printing costs from Waves Branding vary depending on the type of products you’d want to print. Or less expensive printing solutions in Nairobi’s CBD, Karen, Industrial Area, Westlands, Lavington, or other areas.

At Waves Branding, we’ll make sure you have the printouts you need in the best quality at the lowest cost. We deliver to all main towns in Kenya, including Kiambu, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Thika, Machakos, Meru, Embu Nanyuki, and many more, and we have the most affordable printing services.
In Nairobi, we can provide same-day delivery if you place your order before midday.

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