Custom Backlit sign in Kenya

Have your logo, brand name or message etched in a custom backlit sign! Backlit signs will provide a unique visual element to any office or business façade.

Choose from a variety of light colors, as well as a wide selection of colors for signage. Stand out with a custom made LED backlit sign!

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Custom LED Backlit Signs in Kenya

LED backlit signs work well both indoors & outdoors, whether day or night, the excellent halo effect makes your sign always the focus, and fit for business, building, and home. The amazing halo effect would make the 3D metal signs appear to be “floating” on the wall, it’s so special, beautiful, and eye-catching. It is also called an LED halo lit sign or LED reverse channel sign, it’s individual and 3D, and only the back panel is lighted. It is one of the most common LED illuminated signs, and is widely used exterior and interior, including:

Businesses: bar, store, hotel, restaurant, hair salon, SPA, dental clinic law firm etc.

Organization: hospital, school, library, museum, and church etc.

Indoor: Office, lobby, reception, and restroom, etc.

Outdoor: Building, wall, storefront, and house, etc.

Models of Backlit Signs Available in Kenya

Based on different acrylic back-panel, we divided the LED backlit signs into two models:

Luxury model: Parts of the acrylic back panel are exposed out of the 3D metal sign shell, this kind of sign need not be off the wall, people can see the lighting directly from the visible acrylic back-panel directly. The brightness is very good and the halo effect is strong. Used for luxury brand stores mostly.

Common model: The acrylic back panel is in the 3D metal signs shell and, be used to get uniform lighting. The lighting must be reflected by the backing wall before it can be seen by people. Considering the reflectivity of the wall, the brightness of this model is good, but poorer than the luxury model. Although the halo effect is still very beautiful, it is poorer than the luxury model too. This type of sign must be off the wall, we recommend the common model off the wall about 10mm~20mm(0.4”~0.8”) for the best halo effect.

Backlit Signs Installation in Nairobi

We recommend hiring a professional installer from Waves Branding to finish the installation job. Because needing to use the stud bolts to fix on the backing wall, will drill holes in the wall for the stud bolts and cables also need to connect cables, professional installers can make the signage have a much better final effect. Of course, if you have enough hands-on ability and are a licensed electrician, you can try to install it yourself.

Maintaining Custom Backlit Signs

The maintenance job is really simple. Only needs a soft cloth with seldom clean fresh water. It is not recommended to wipe with a cleaning solution containing alcohol or other organic ingredients to avoid damaging the outside of the shell, especially when the finish of the metal signs shell surface are painted, powder coated or plated.


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