Bespoke Maple Shower Cap

This is a Maple Shower Cap, that showcases what is achievable with our custom products. The product can be purchased off the shelf with the design depicted on the website. It is intended to allow you to see the quality of the product and print without having to go to the effort and time of having a pre-production sample created from scratch. This product is manufactured in South Africa upon order and incorporates fabrics printed in full color.

  • 28 ( dia ) cm
  • 100% polyester
  • full branding
  • elasticated opening
  • main code for bulk orders: PP-HP-4-G
  • pre-production code: SG-HP-36-G
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The Maple Shower Cap is customized to fit your brand or any custom specification you might need. feel free to visit our page to chat with one of our branding and printing experts

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