Feather banners Printing Nairobi


Print your brand, message or logo on our promotional feather banners.

Our feather banners are perfect for everything from indoor convention booths and car dealerships to beach events or festivals!

All our feather flags are durable and made from white polyester fabric, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our feather banners are Printed by dye sublimation ensuring the inks are completely infused into the fabric and making them uv resistant and weather proof.

Our custom feather banners come with spikes to be mounted into the ground or a flat leg attachment to be weighed down with sandbags.


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Key Features of Feather Banners

Eye-Catching Custom Feather Flags:

Elevate your brand visibility with our Custom Feather Flags. Crafted with precision, these banners are a canvas for your brand identity. Customize your design with vivid colors, logos, and messaging, ensuring your business stands out in any crowd.

Dynamic Advertising Flags:

Unleash the power of dynamic advertising with our Feather Banners Branding. Make a lasting impression at events, trade shows, or outside your business premises. These flags create a striking visual impact, drawing attention to your brand and message.

Versatile Flag Banner Signs:

Our Feather Banners serve as versatile flag banner signs, allowing you to convey your brand message in various settings. Whether you’re promoting a sale or event, or simply enhancing your business visibility, these banners are the perfect choice.

Business Flags and Banners with Impact:

Make a bold statement with our Business Flags and Banners. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these flags are designed to withstand the elements while ensuring your brand remains prominent. Enhance your business presence and captivate your audience with elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Feather Banners

What is the purpose of a feather banner?

The purpose of a Feather Banner is to provide businesses with a versatile and eye-catching tool for advertising and promotion. These banners are designed to draw attention to your brand, messages, or events, making them ideal for enhancing visibility at various locations.

What is the difference between feather and teardrop banners?

While both banners serve promotional purposes, the primary difference lies in their shapes. A Feather Banner has a straight, feather-like edge, creating a dynamic and flowing look. In contrast, a Teardrop Banner has a rounded, teardrop shape, offering a unique visual appeal. The choice depends on your brand’s preference and visual identity.

How do you set up a feather banner?

Setting up a Feather Banner is quick and easy. Simply extend the pole, attach the banner to the hardware, and secure it in the ground or on a stand. The lightweight design ensures hassle-free assembly, making it a convenient advertising solution.

Why do people use banners?

People use banners for a multitude of reasons, including advertising, promotion, identification, and decoration. Banners serve as effective tools for conveying messages, enhancing brand visibility, and creating a memorable visual impact in various settings.

What is the special meaning of the feather?

Feathers have diverse symbolic meanings across cultures, often associated with spirituality, freedom, and growth. In the context of Feather Banners, the design symbolizes movement, dynamism, and the ability to catch attention.

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