Promotional table

Promotional Tables are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and quality with custom printing solutions.

They are widely used for outdoor and indoor promotional activities, trade shows and roadside promotional activities.

Our Promo Tables are specifically designed and manufactured using high-quality materials to offer maximum durability.

They are available in a variety of specifications to suit your specific needs.

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Custom Branded Promotional Tables

Imagine a pop-up table so light in weight that it can be carried under your arm. Moreover, this table is branded with your company logos and product images and takes just minutes to set up on your promotion desk. Waves Branding now offers just such an exhibition table to enable our clients to instantly set up a promotion counter booth or kiosk at any point of sale location.

A custom-branded unadorned table carrying your wares will do just that… carry your stuff. But our custom-printed promotion table will market your brand and showcase your products in the best possible manner. Print your company logo, your service listings, or your product images on this exhibition table. And you can rest assured that this pop-up table will garner customer attention and draw in the crowds.

Advantages of custom promotional tables

  • A promotable primarily allows you to instantly set up a sales counter just about anywhere you can think of.
  • It is lightweight and very easy to carry.
  • The promotable is extremely easy to install and a layman can set it up in minutes
  • The entire structure is collapsible and can be packed in a small bag. This makes it very easy for exhibitors to carry the promo table to remote locations.
  • This table allows for prominent logo and product branding
  • Most importantly, this exhibition table is pretty attractive and will garner customer attention

More about promotional tables

Promo tables are custom designed to carry your company’s branding. And so, to create the maximum impact, you need to provide us with the artwork that has to go on this table. We can print on the top nameplate of the table, its front face, and the left/right, side wings. So please use the dimensions shown in the diagram below while preparing your artwork. Please also share your open design file (preferably in CorelDraw format) so that we can make minor size alterations if needed.

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