Custom PVC banners Printing in Nairobi

Highway or PVC banners are an affordable way to effectively showcase your marketing message in a variety of locations.

Invest in our low-cost, completely customizable vinyl banners available in full color and an array of sizes. Our PVC banners can be seen from the road and withstand harsh weather conditions!

Our road banners are made of weatherproof vinyl and are printed with waterproof solvent inks to ensure your advertising display will not be compromised in moderate rain, snow or direct sunlight.

Highway banners are a bold statement to ensure you get the publicity and promotion your business deserves!

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PVC banners stand as not just materials but as strategic assets for promotional success. businesses are encouraged to leverage PVC banners as powerful tools for elevating brand visibility, conveying unique messages, and capturing the attention of their target audience in outdoor settings and events.

The Versatility of PVC Banner Printing

PVC banner printing opens doors to creativity and customization, allowing businesses to convey unique messages tailored to their target audience.

The Impact of PVC Banners on Marketing

In a world inundated with digital advertising, the resilience and impact of physical marketing tools cannot be overstated. PVC banners, in particular, emerge as versatile and powerful assets for businesses seeking to capture attention in outdoor settings and events.

Custom PVC Banners: Tailoring Your Message

The power of customization shines through when businesses opt for custom PVC banners. Tailoring messages, visuals, and sizes ensures that promotional efforts resonate with the intended audience, maximizing the impact of outdoor advertising.

PVC vs. Vinyl Banners: Understanding the Differences

Clearing the air on the PVC vs. vinyl debate, businesses gain insights into the material distinctions that influence banner durability, flexibility, and overall effectiveness in various environments.

Waterproof Wonder: Is PVC Banner Waterproof?

One of the standout features of PVC banners is their waterproof nature. This characteristic ensures that promotional messages remain vibrant and effective, even in challenging weather conditions.

PVC vs. Vinyl Strength Test

Comparing the strength of PVC and vinyl banners provides businesses with valuable insights for choosing the most durable option. PVC banners, known for their robustness, often emerge as the preferred choice for outdoor use.

Advantages of PVC Banners

Affordability, versatility, and eye-catching visuals—these are just a few of the benefits businesses can reap from PVC banners. Understanding these advantages positions PVC banners as essential components of any marketing strategy.

PVC Banner Printing in Kenya FAQs

Can PVC banners be used outdoors?

Our banners are guaranteed to last outdoors by using the best quality PVC banner material and waterproof inks.

How do I order a banner?

To place an order online, simply configure, customize, and upload your artwork on our Contact Us page or simply share it on WhatsApp

Can I upload more than one image per order?

If you’re ordering more than one banner of the same size, and have various pieces of artwork to supply, our uploader will allow you to add as many images as you need to complete your order.

What is the maximum size you can print my banner?

There is really no maximum size, we can manufacture any size PVC banner.

What is a hemmed edge?

A hemmed edge is where we add 25mm of additional material around all 4 sides of the banner that is folded over and then heat welded or taped around the back. The benefits of a hemmed edge are:

  • Stronger banner that is less likely to tear along the edges.
  • Double layer of grip for eyelets, meaning they are less likely to rip out.
  • Does not affect the overall finish size of the banner.
What is a clean-cut edge?

Clean-cut edges simply mean the material will be trimmed to size with no additional finishing.

What are pole pockets?

Pole pockets can be added when you want to hang your banner on a pole/bracket system. Our pole pocket sizes are based on a flat pocket measurement. As standard, if you require eyelets, banners with pole pockets will only have one eyelet in each corner along the weld line and will not be hemmed. For standard scaffolding poles, 100mm pockets are recommended.

Can you color match?

Our printers produce CMYK images and artwork supplied in this format will be printed with the color values stated. We do offer a personalized colour matching service please contact our sales office for more information and pricing.

Can you edit my artwork?

Yes, we can make amendments to your artwork. For this, you will need to select one of our design services, which will allow for approx 1 hour or 2 hours of design time depending on the package you choose.


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