Roll up banner Printing Nairobi

Retractable banners are a must-have for any convention, tradeshow or any type of promotional campaign.

We can help you choose a banner stand based on your message, location, and objectives. Your banner stand display is a marketing investment and will be treated with care and packaged to withstand the rigors of travel. Have a particular banner stand brand in mind or need a custom solution?

Our custom retractable banners are eye-catching and retract with a smooth, simple motion.

Uncomplicated and easy set-up, our custom banners will make your promotional agenda easy and effective. We will digitally print your own image or logo and offer a variety of colors and fonts to choose from.

These retractable banners are great for any business expo event, grand opening, food truck or pop-up store.

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Roll up banners for your business

It gives you a professional presence

A professional first impression is invaluable. A roll-up banner stand will deliver this to you. You’ll need to consider branding, coloring, text, and white space. If you don’t know how to design a roll up banner, we can do it for you. A high-end quality finish is imperative and that is our concern.

Availability and convenience

Investing in a roll-up banner means you can take this professional presence with you – wherever your business may require you to go. Spending money on this type of marketing material makes good business sense; you’ll be using your roll-up banner stand repeatedly. They are also lightweight and easy to store – you’ll never have any difficulty putting them away or taking them anywhere you need to.

Cost efficiency

When you are finished displaying your ad in one place, you can take it with you and display it again in another place. You don’t need to print it twice.

A creative presence

A roll-up banner stand will allow you the space to be creative and engage with your customers. Your roll-up banner stand can catch your attention and bring your customers to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roll-up Banner Printing and Marketing

Which info should be in my company roll up banner?

Great attention should be placed on the design of the banner and the message that your roll-up sends to potential clients and customers. Your company name, slogan, or a certain image of the product must grab the attention of the user of your services. The company’s contact information should be placed at the bottom of the roll-up banner. The color for your portable aluminum panel should comply with corporate colors or products that you promote.

How do pull-up banners or roll up banners work?

You just need to raise the banner (pull up) from the base, connect it to the banner pole and you’re done!

The entire banner is set up and perfectly displayed in less than 30 seconds! Retractable Banner Stands are made of an aluminum structure with a mechanism that is simple to operate. The construction due to its quality workmanship can be used repeatedly and assembled in seconds without the use of any tools.  The banner retracts into the base by itself.

How can I attract an audience to my next showroom or trade show exhibit without having to spend a whole lot of money? Feel free to contact Waves Branding team for a custom answer for your business

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