Table Runners Branding

A Table Runner is a vertical banner that goes over a blank horizontal drape.

It covers the front, top and partial back of the table.

Most popular sizes are 24″, 30″ or 36″ wide x 70″ height.

Runners create an engaging visual while compliments drape and display.

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The Significance of the Table Runner (or Custom Table Runner):

Beyond aesthetics, table runners serve several purposes:

  • Protection: They safeguard your table surface from spills, scratches, and heat damage.
  • Focal Point: A table runner creates a central element, drawing the eye and anchoring your table setting.
  • Style Statement: Express your personality! Runners come in a vast array of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing you to tailor the look to any occasion or theme.

How to Display Table Runners:

There’s no single “right” way! Here are some popular methods:

  • Classic Centerpiece: Lay the runner lengthwise down the center of your table, allowing an even overhang on both ends.
  • Diagonal Drama: For a touch of asymmetry, place the runner diagonally across the tabletop.
  • Layered Look: Combine a table runner with a tablecloth for added depth and texture. Use a runner in a contrasting color or pattern for a bolder statement.

Are Table Runners Still in Fashion?

Absolutely! Table runners are a timeless staple in the world of décor. They offer a versatile way to refresh your tablescape, adding a touch of sophistication or whimsy depending on your choice.


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