What is Dye-sublimation printing?

This is a technique in which the ink is put into a coating by means of pressure and heating. Sublimation means a phase transition from a solid phase to a gaseous phase. When printing on the sublimation rigid panels or substrates, sublimation inks are used which, by heating, takes a gaseous state.

Heating takes varied time depending on the surface area of the sublimation substrate to be printed. In this state, the ink can attach visibility to the coating on the Sublimation substrates. After sublimating the sublimation substrate, the ink will return to a solid-state and the sublimation ink will be attached to the panel. The ink is therefore not on the substrate surface but forms a permanent bond with the sublimation substrate be it an aluminum panel, a sublimation MDF board, a sublimation mug or even a polyester apparel.

Why Businesses love Dye-sublimation printing?

Superior branding quality
Dye-Sublimation printing uses a continuous tone printing technology that creates brighter and smoother color variations and transitions. Giving your business high-quality branding results.

Longlasting branding solution
With Dye-Sublimation printing, colors are embedded in the object giving it a natural and smooth look. Your branded fabric Won’t fade or crack even after multiple washes. And on hard surfaces, it Won’t chip, peel or scratch.

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